About Me

What matters to me: I believe everyone should be able to experience feeling and existing grounded and at ease in their life. To SHOW UP the way you choose. I believe seeing what a person can do is more important than what they can’t do. The nurturance of being grounded in grace. To be with yourself and others in any external circumstance (e.g., medical appointment, surgery day, large family dinner, etc.) is BEING WELL and COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE. We all truly can transform our relationships with ourselves, others & maintain, as well as develop relationship with those we care for.  Once we learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable within ourselves, we move to an embodied sense of being, therefore SHOW UP the way we’d choose to be in any given moment.

My coaching is individualized and strength-based to your unique way of being and learning. There is not a preset plan.  YOU drive the plan! With an extensive background in positive psychology, educational psychology, and living and working with diverse individuals, I see individuals exactly as that, individuals, uniquely tailored to your own life.

And living the life of a parent having had an immense learning curve navigating the care of a son with a rare syndrome, the medical needs, educational system, family, and societal reactions and interactions with him, I have lived what most parents with children with special needs have lived. As a professional, and personally, I have walked the path of many caring for children and adults with a variety of needs. There are times when it can feel lonely on the road. This journey, however, becomes the most treasured of all.

Professionally, and personally, I have walked the path of many living with and caring for children, and adults with diverse needs. It can be a lonely road at times. Yet, becomes the most cherished journey of all.


What is the point of coaching?

To allow clarification of wellness and elimination of stress and it's symptoms, development of self-knowledge and the ability to manage one's condition or goals/life, in general.

What if I want coaching, but don’t knoiw what I need coaching in?

You are the perfect client! We can explore that together through some direct brief assessments of areas of life, satisfaction, and wellbeing. We explore your desires, wants, and needs in your life. The client sets the goals and makes all the decisions, being in a clear state of mind and choosing in the process what suits them and what they agree with.

What methods do you use in your work?

I am a presence-based coach using Positive Psychology methods and research-based interventions, while promoting your stress reduction, living with more ease, compassion, self-awareness, and self-management

How did you decide to place your fees at this rate?

The College of Psychologists declares a certain rate per hour be charged by it’s members. My rate as your health and wellness coach is below that rate. My rates are also heavily based on my range of experiences and number of years of experience which is 30 years at this point.
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