Loving and Living the ExtraOrdinary

A Blog of family life experiences with a son with disabilities, two younger sisters, Dad, and with mom (this writer) as an Educational Psychologist

Every human being has a unique path on their life journey. However, this blog refers to living that life journey along with a child with various disabilities and medical needs. This blog is about loving the extra ordinary and doing the unordinary as a parent of a disabled child with medical needs.

I am mom to Ben, with Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, Olivia, and Rachel. I am a wife to Ray and we live in a rural community in Saskatchewan Canada on a cattle and grain farm.

To add to this journey, my professional life as an educational psychologist and a certified health and wellness coach has decreased some bumps on the education road with Ben, but also definitely increased some bumps in the that road! Awareness can make things more difficult in ways. I must add that I have total and complete respect for the educational organization my son attended, and that I work in. I can only hope that the staff know my strengths include loyalty and gratefulness. I will be forever loyal to those I work(ed) with and grateful for all in my years as an employee, as well as a parent with children in that school division. Those who know me, also know that I absolutely love my work!

My hope is that other parents, siblings, and families living similar lives will be acknowledged, feel accepted, sense they are not alone, feel supported, and know that they are seen and heard. I encourage others to reach out and share their stories. I also hope people will feel an increase in awareness of their own needs and be encouraged to care for those needs. Meaning, I will, of course add nuggets of practices grounded in research and positive psychology.

This blog will journey down a path of challenges, successes, and blessings in the life of a family with a child and sibling with a disability and unique qualities. My focus will naturally include the duality of my journey as a parent, a special educator, and an Educational Psychologist sharing experiences I have had as a parent with a disabled child in the education and healthcare system in Canada, as well as my experiences with other families with children with unique needs. Firstly, though, I will share some background to Ben’s life which is our family life.

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