Boost your mental, emotional, and physical well-being through personal text coaching services in Macklin, and get professional guidance and support through text and email.

Work with a coach that can promote your well-being and heal through skills, knowledge, and, uniquely, her personal experiences. In your day, you may need a reminder if you fell short of your goal today & need motivation; you’re suddenly overwhelmed by a thought, decision, or person; at work and are triggered by a coworker; how to center and stay present before your (or your child’s) doctor appointment; are about to make a poor decision regarding a habit change, et cetera.

One online coaching services session is needed before beginning this service to allow the coach to be familiar with you, your needs, and your wants. All personal confidential information will be gathered at the initial online coaching session. Thereby not requiring confidential identifying information to be necessary for text or email.

Texting and email support allow for in-the-moment guidance and assistance. All texts and emails will be responded to near immediately or within a 30-minute time frame.

In-the-moment virtual texting assistance: $500 for two weeks, including the online one-hour coaching session before text/email-only coaching support. Texts are limited to four per day (unless more are mutually agreed upon), and emails are limited to four per week.

Note: To Book text coaching: choose a one-hour session on the Booking Calendar before checkout

Text Coaching


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