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A past colleague asked me, ‘What makes you qualified to be a coach?’ The question didn’t really need an answer, he knew my life journey as a professional and as a mom to a son with diverse needs. I am the perfect wellness coach for parents of children with differing needs, caregivers in general, and staff, including teachers, working with all children and adults! 

In our professional coaching , I guide you to use your mind and body to create each day, so you show up strong in your life regardless of the challenges.  If you choose to fulfill that desire, you will develop a renewed sense of confidence and self-awareness.  You can reflect and know you are authoring your life as you intended to! So, even when life gets really hard, you can center, be self-compassionate, strong, and live with easeful intent.

How you show up affects not only you, but, those around you. I can assess your level of wellness and, how present you currently are in your life. 


Be Well + Get Centered + Live life with more ease


I offer personal wellness services and utilize an embodied approach with a presence at the forefront of all I do. A strength-based approach is natural to me, as well.


Boost your mental, emotional, and physical well-being through an online wellness coach that personally guided text and email support.

Forest Bathing, or Forest Therapy, started in Japan as a preventative health care program to support well-being, relaxation, and nervous system restoration.

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Private Coaching:

I utilize an embodied approach with presence at the forefront of all I do. A strength-based approach is natural to me, as well.  Psychoeducational learning also may land in a session if more information is required for you to lead the life you desire. I work differently with everyone, simply because everyone is unique

We work together and do what it takes to get you optimally, how you want to BE, and what you need and want the most. You will learn how to manage your stress response and engage your nervous system to a more peaceful state whether in challenging situations or not: manage your stress in real time; know the tools to show up calm and centred, yet, tailored to your individual needs

Navigate and embracing challenges, expected and unexpected, and determine a path forward knowing how the challenges serve you!  

$180/hour session, includes text and email support. Fees in Canadian dollars 


Text Coaching: Personal Wellness assistant!

Boost your mental, emotional and physical well-being through personally guided text and/or email support.


Work with a coach that can promote your well-being and healing through skills, knowledge, and uniquely, her personal experiences. In your day, you may need a reminder if you fell short of your goal today & need motivation; you’re suddenly overwhelmed by a thought, decision or person; at work and are triggered by a coworker; how to center and stay present before your (or your child’s) doctor appointment; are about to make a poor decision regarding a habit change, et cetera.

One online coaching session is needed prior to beginning this service in order to allow the coach to be familiar with you; your needs and wants. All personal confidential information will be gathered at the initial online coaching session. Thereby, not requiring confidential identifying information to be required in text or email.

Texting and email support can allow for in the moment guidance and assistance. All texts and emails will be responded to near immediately or within a 30 minute time frame.

In the moment virtual texting assistance: $500 for two weeks, including the online one hour coaching session prior to text/email only coaching support. Texts are limited to four per day (unless more are mutually agreed upon) and emails limited to four per week.

What is Forest Bathing?

Forest Bathing, or Forest Therapy, started in Japan as a preventative health care program to support well-being, relaxation, and nervous system restoration.
Forest Bathing, or Shrinrin Yoku as it is known in Japanese, is a relatively recent practice that began in Japan in the 1980s. However, Forest Bathing is also an ancient practice. It is a re-introduction to ways of being that our ancestors lived and breathed.
Unlike a typical walk, Forest Bathing is a slow, immersive exploration of the forest. Participants are guided through mindful interaction with Nature in a way that engages the senses and calms the mind.
Even those who may struggle with meditation can experience the rejuvenative state of clarity, spaciousness, wonder, awe and gratitude that arises when we slow down to connect with the world around us.

Research has shown that Forest Bathing sessions can:

– Boost your immunity for up to three weeks
– Reduce inflammation, fatigue, and insomnia
– Lower blood pressure
– Reduce anxiety, depression and stress
– Increase creativity, alertness and focus